Functions of DIET


                  1.   Training and Orientation of the Target Groups as mentioned below:

                            1(1)  To impart training and orientation to primary school teachers of both types (pre-service and in 


                             1(2)   Principal teachers, heads of school, complexes and officers up to the level of education unit.

                             1(3)   Teacher educators and supervisors of non-formal and adult education.

                             1(4)  Members of District Education Board and Village Education Committees Community Leaders,  Youths

                                        and other Swayam Sevaks, desiring to work for educational activities.

                              1(5)  Experts who can work as resource-persons for imparting training to persons mentioned in 1.1 and 1.2

                                        above are to be covered in training and orientation work.


        2.   Primary and Adult Education in the District


       2(1)   To undertake extension activities to communication

               And services

       2(2)   To provide TLM and training services to teachers and

               Teacher educators

       2(3)  Development of locally available material educational

               TLMs   and evaluation tools

       2(4)  To impart services as Evaluation Centre’s for programs

               Of primary schools and non-formal – adult education and

             To provide educational tools and material services.


        3.   Other Functions


                              3(1)  To recognize needs by doing educational field survey.

      3(2)   Micro-Planning (on the basis of Survey)

                  3(3)   Top find out innovations in the field of supervision with

                         a view to expanding them in fields.

                  3(4)   To publish DIET bulletin and magazines, to provide

                         information to education fields through articles thereof.

      3(5)  To co-ordinate the whole work.

                  3(6)  To provide assistance to the State Council of

                         Educational Research and Training in development

                         of materials and evaluation and monitoring.


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